After School Class & Saturday Class


After School Class & Saturday Class
(2 years old to 6 years old/14 months to 6 years old)

アフター・スクール・クラス と 土曜日クラス(2歳~6歳/14ヶ月~6歳)

 We also offer After School Class and Saturday Class to assist those children who are currently enrolled in our regular program or children who attend another school.   This includes both outside students and alumni students who would like to learn and continue to learn under Montessori Method to strengthen their ability of independence, stimulate the right brain development through Eye-Hand Coordination Activities, increase concentration ability and build their ability of social order.

After School Class and Saturday Class are the perfect way for families to support their children’s language acquisition skills, even if they are enrolled in other schools during the day.  The Montessori Method prefers the child to indulge in Montessori Activities under a rich Montessori environment every day but, we believe that by participating in our After School Class and Saturday Class the child could obtain much advantages to serve themselves in the future.



モンテッソーリ教育は子供の集中力、自信、独立心と思いやりなどを幼児期にしっかり土台を作る事に成功してきた世界的に評価された教育法です。ぜひ沢山の親子様に参加していただきたいプログラムです。英語と中国語で行うモンテッソーリ教育環境とAMI国際モンテッソーリ協会公認教師の配置は本校のレギュラークラスと同じようになっております。具体的な授業内容について Infant Community Program と Primary Programの説明をご参考ください。 

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