Infant Community Program


Montessori Infant Community (0-3 years old) - |  モンテッソーリ IC クラス(0-3歳)

​Infant Community Program = IC Class (14 months to 3 years old)
インファント・コミュニティー・プログラム = IC クラス(14ヶ月~3歳)

Montessori Infant Community (IC) Program focuses on Movement, Language & Independence.  Our IC Program has four main areas which includes Practical Life, Eye-Hand Coordination, Language and Cooking.  The activities in the classroom provides opportunities for social interaction, independence, language development and self-expression, as well as small and large motor development. 

Carefully developed sets of Montessori material has a specific purpose and is presented in beauty, order and accessibility.  These materials create the proper environment for children at each stage of their development.

Great care is taken to respect different levels of maturity and to create a learning environment that will reinforce the child's independence and natural urge toward self-development.  Our highly experienced AMI certified bilingual and/or trilingual teachers will welcome the children to the classroom and provide personalized care for each child according to their developmental stage.